Easter Cupcakes

These adorable Easter cupcakes are the highlight of any post egg hunt activities! Soft, fluffy malt cake topped with a creamy vanilla frosting, they are everything you could want this Spring. 

Easter is a holiday that’s come to be a lot more fun in the past few years since my daughter’s birth as it falls around her birth date. This year it is a little later, but we are still really excited for it.

I’ve been wanting to make a malt cupcake forever and knew these Easter cupcakes were the perfect opportunity to make them. These taste just like having a malted milkshake in cupcake form. 

I’ve made a few different malt recipes like these malted chocolate chip oatmeal cookies which uses a barley malt syrup and this malt cake which uses a regular malt milk powder, but these Easter cupcakes use Ovaltine and I think they are my favorite for a very malty flavor that is easy to recognize and fills you with alllllll the nostalgia.

Paired with the vanilla frosting, it is just so good. 

And the bunnies are from Ghiradelli, but you can use any that you find. I just so happen to be in love with their caramel chocolate bunnies. I also found malted Easter eggs to pair with the bunnies and edible grass. Both were found at my local Walmart, but I think I saw them at Target, too.

Just FYI, the grass I found was green apple flavored, so it didn’t exactly match the flavor profile of the cupcake. We liked to pick off the grass and eat it separately. 

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