Edible Red Velvet Cookie Dough

There is nothing like a spoonful of cookie dough, especially when it is safe to eat! This edible red velvet cookie dough is a fun treat you and anyone you want to share it with would love! 

What is it about cookie dough that is so much fun to eat? I remember as a kid always trying to get spoonfuls of the good stuff whenever my mom made the Tollhouse cookies. These days, it just feels riskier to eat the cookie dough, especially with all the warning happening left and right about our favorite things to eat. 

So, instead I make cookie dough especially to eat raw. I mean, there are actual cafes and shops dedicated to it, but why not just make it at home? There isn’t anywhere that will have an edible red velvet cookie dough like this anyway. (Or this edible cake batter cookie dough I made earlier!)

I prefer using a Dutch-processed cocoa powder, but since we aren’t baking these, you can use whatever cocoa powder you have available to you. I do like the special dark Hershey’s cocoa powder and the Rodelle Gourmet Baking Cocoa for a Dutch-processed cocoa.

To make this edible red velvet cookie dough safe to eat you also need to cook the flour. You can do this by baking the flour for 10 minutes at 300 degrees F. Or, you can microwave the flour in a microwave-safe bowl for 2 – 3 minutes. I usually do the microwave method for time and ease. I find that the texture is a bit gritty when you cook the flour first, so it is better to allow the finished red velvet cookie dough to rest before eating. 

For the best cookie dough, I like to wait about an hour after making it before eating it. This allows the flour to hydrate and for all the flavors to fully develop. 

I like to add a mix of things inside my red velvet cookie dough. Chocolate chips, naturally, but I also like to add white chocolate chips for contrast and Oreos. For this particular cookie dough I used the limited edition Valentine’s Day Oreos, but the regular Oreos are amazing in red velvet cookie dough. 

Is Edible Cookie Dough Safe to Eat?

Yes, edible cookie dough is safe to eat as long as you do a few things. First, don’t use eggs unless they are pasteurized – it should say so on the packaging. Second, you also need to cook the flour. You can read above for my two recommended methods for cooking flour. 

Is Edible Cookie Dough Refrigerated?

Yes, you should keep edible cookie dough refrigerated. This is because the dairy in the butter and heavy cream would cause the cookie dough to spoil if left out too long. You can use dairy-free options which would make the cookie dough safer to leave out for longer periods of time, but I believe the best texture is still preserved by refrigeration. 

Is Edible Cookie Dough Vegan?

You can easily make any cookie dough vegan by replacing the butter with a vegan butter or butter-flavored shortening, then replacing the milk or cream with a milk alternative. 

If you want to get extra creative with your cookie dough, swirl cream cheese frosting throughout your dough! 

Looking for More Edible Cookie Dough?

If you are a fiend for cookie dough you can eat raw, you need to also try my cake batter cookie dough and my edible sugar cookie dough. Don’t forget to try my edible brownie batter, monster cookie dough dip, and peanut butter cookie dough truffles! 

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