Nutella-Stuffed Sugar Cookies

Deliciously soft sugar cookies stuffed with creamy Nutella. These Nutella-stuffed sugar cookies are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. 

Stuffed cookies are my jam. You know there is nothing I love more than a good cookie and in my opinion, stuffed cookies are at the top of the list of the best cookies around. 

Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats a classic chocolate chip cookie. But when you want to get into something a little fancier, something that dances in your mouth with a variety of texture and flavor, a stuffed cookie is what you want in your life. 

And I am sure you agree with me, seeing as how my stuffed cookies are some of the most popular recipes on my website. I don’t blame you though. Who can resist s’mores stuffed cookies? Or red velvet nutella-stuffed cookies or brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies for that matter? And my eggnog stuffed gingerbread cookies are perfect for the holidays. You may also want to try my friend’s dulce de leche cookies. 

Stuffed cookies are life, and the Nutella-stuffed sugar cookies are no exception. 

I love a nice, soft sugar cookie. MY favorite kind of sugar cookie stays soft and maybe gets a little chewy in the center. They’re a beautiful light color with just a hint of golden brown at the edged. They make the perfect vehicle for a hidden pool of creamy Nutella. 

How to Make Nutella Stuffed Sugar Cookies

Nutella-stuffed sugar cookies are pretty easy to make, but they do take a little bit of time if you are rolling them on your own. I recommend getting an extra pair of hands, if you have one available. One reason it is easy to make Nutella-stuffed sugar cookies is because we freeze dollops of Nutella to make stuffing easy.

The difficult part is that Nutella thaws quickly, so you need to work fast, or separate your frozen Nutella dollops in small batches so you keep all but a few waiting in the freezer until you are ready for them.

Broken down the steps to making the cookies are:

  1. Create dollops of Nutella on parchment-lined baking sheets, then freeze. 
  2. Make your cookie dough as per the recipe. 
  3. Grab a portion of the frozen Nutella out of the freezer. 
  4. Take portions of cookie dough, and envelop the frozen Nutella dollops in them. 
  5. Roll in sugar, then bake. 

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