Strawberry Rose Cupcakes

Light and fluffy strawberry rose cupcakes that will brighten any summer day. Pair with a glass of Apothic Rosé for an unforgettable experience.

Summer is officially here and that means it is also officially rosé season! I love relaxing with a glass of chilled rosé on a summer afternoon. While I love to have my rosé with a meal, I think it even works better when paired along with a dessert. This is especially true of the Apothic Rosé, which is slightly sweeter but complex enough to balance out the sweetness of your treat.

What I love about rosé is that they include a broad range of styles and flavor profiles. The Gallo Rosé portfolio includes a range of amazing rosés, which can suit any palate. You can message Rosé Your Way on Facebook to reach their concierge, who can help you find the perfect rosé for you. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out their Instagram page for more summer rosé inspiration. My personal favorite at the moment is the Apothic Rosé. Apothic Rosé uses a blend of different grapes to create the perfect flavor profile. It has a lovely note of strawberry, which is perfect for summer and these strawberry rose cupcakes.

These strawberry rose cupcakes start with my favorite vanilla cupcake base. It is light and fluffy and holds up well to fillings. I added a note of lemon in the cupcakes to balance and brighten the flavors of the strawberries and the rose. The cupcakes are topped with an easy, creamy American buttercream frosting with a beautiful balance of vanilla and rose. I recommend going slow when using the rose water. It is very strong, some brands stronger than others. Start with less than what the recipe needs and slowly work your way up. You don’t want to feel as though you are eating grandma’s soap. I added a touch of strawberry preserves into the frosting just for the color. It doesn’t really add much flavor to the frosting.

This pairing is perfect for a summer get together with a few friends or family. The cupcakes are perfect to enjoy while standing up and walking around in the yard or even taking out to a picnic. Pro tip: use the plastic wine glasses for your rosé. It makes your get togethers that much more relaxed.

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