Sweet Plum Jam Gnocchi with Creme Anglaise

Try something new with this sweet plum jam gnocchi with vanilla bean creme anglaise. It will be your new holiday favorite! 

There is nothing I love more than holiday traditions. I love repeating the same joyous rituals with my family each year as we prepare for the holidays. I also love to try and mix things up and try something new each year. I love to try and come up with a unique recipe we can enjoy together to make each year just a little bit dfferent and just that much more memorable. This year, I decided to make my sweet plum jam gnocchi with a vanilla bean creme anglaise.
I know what you are thinking.
I know you are probably about to run far away from my blog never to be found again.

But trust me here. It is a thing. A delicious thing. A thing I promise you will love once you try it.
I did not just come up with sweet gnocchi… it is something my friend’s Italian mother used to make for her during the winter months and it is amazing.
The gnocchi is very lightly sweetened with a bit of sugar and cinnamon, and filled with jam. Then a velvety creme anglaise is poured on top with fresh berries and a light crumble on top for some crunch. It’s glorious!

The gnocchi paired with the creme anglaise ends up taking on a bit of a tapioca texture and flavor which I love. The jam and fruit add even more sweetness and freshness to the dish and the crumble on top is absolutely necessary to give you an even more satisfying mouthfeel.

Who knew you could work with potatoes like that, right? Well I decided I needed to try my hand at making this sweet plum jam gnocchi at home to see if it could come out as nicely as hers. And it did. In fact, it was so much more simple than I thought it would ever be. My biggest tip is to use Yukon golden potatoes. They have a nuttiness that really works here in this recipe. And if you don’t have a potato ricer, no problem! I don’t have one either. You can actually use a cheese grater to “rice” your potatoes.

Three cheers for trying something new!

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