Vanilla Cupcakes

Celebrate Spring with these heavenly vanilla cupcakes filled with a bright lemon curd and topped with a fun sprinkle-filled white chocolate bark!

A lot of my recipes tend to be packed with a lot of strong flavors like rich chocolate, cardamom, and booze. It’s not always terribly kid-friendly, so I also spend a lot of time off the blog making something special for my daughter that I know she will enjoy. I didn’t think it would be anything worth sharing because they are simpler recipes that are already all over the internet.

But then I listened to something Sally said which encouraged bloggers to go ahead and post your simpler recipes because oftentimes, those are our best recipes since we use them so much. So that is what I am doing. I am sharing my favorite vanilla cupcakes recipe with smooth and creamy vanilla buttercream frosting. Plus, a lemon curd I’ve made many times in the past on the blog that I just can’t get enough of and tasty white chocolate bark. 

I’ve used these vanilla cupcakes as a base for almost every non-chocolate cupcake I have on the blog, including my blackberry lime cupcakes and cookies and cream cupcakes. I will change one thing here or there, but it is this cupcake recipe that I am basing it on.

It’s my workhorse and I know exactly how these cupcakes should turn out. If I am in a new kitchen, these will be the first thing I make to test out the oven. It’s one of the very few recipes I have memorized.

How Do I Make Moist and Fluffy Vanilla Cupcakes?

A lot of people often find they just can’t get the same light, fluffy vanilla cupcakes you find in bakeries. It is impossible to say definitvely what goes wrong for each and every baker with this issue, but here are the parts that make these cupcakes the best, and what you can do to make sure your cupcakes bake up as nicely as they should. 

What Works

  • Sour cream – adds lightness and moisture to the cupcakes in a big way. Yogurt can also work and gives the same moisture, but you won’t get the same amount of lightness in the crumb as with sour cream. 
  • Cake flour – delicate cake flour has a lower protein level which gives you a tenderness you don’t get in all-purpose flour which helps make the cupcakes nice and fluffy. 
  • Unsalted butter – not only gives the cupcakes an amazing flavor, but it also helps make the cupcakes fluffy when beaten with sugar. Just make sure your butter is completely softened to room temperature. 

What to Look Our for

  • Incorrect measuring – it’s easy to add too much flour if you don’t measure it properly. I recommend quickly fluffing your flour, then using a spoon to add your flour to your measuring cup and sweeping off the excess with the flat part of a knife. You can also measure out your flour in grams for the perfect amount of flour every time. 
  • Over (or under) mixing – You can easily over mix your final batter when you add the flour. To prevent this, I actually always mix in the flour with a spoon – even if I am using a stand mixer to make my batter. You can also undermix your butter and sugar together… and under mix when beating in your eggs. Make sure when doing this portion of the batter, you whip it well to incorporate more air!

How to Make Cupcakes Without Butter 

I do sometimes get asked what you can do to substitute the butter. Normally, I will always recommend butter unless you are making certain cupcake flavors. Saying that, you can definitely replace the butter with oil. The type of oil you want to use depends on what you want your cupcake to taste like. A neutral oil will work in most cases and be a wonderful substitute.

If you are looking to add a more herbal element to your cupcakes and really step out the box, you can experiment with extra virgin olive oil. I only recommend doing this only if you are familiar with baking with olive oil. 

What Kind of Vanilla Should I Use

I use a mix of vanilla extract and a vanilla bean pod to get the right amount of vanilla. The reason I use both is that I can’t justify using one vanilla bean for the cake and one for the buttercream. It just gets too expensive so I use a bit of both.

Of course, you can also opt to use vanilla extract alone – I just prefer seeing all those delicious flecks of vanilla! If you have any vanilla bean paste, that will also work.

Rodelle also has a product called “Baker’s Extract” which is a blend of vanilla and other flavors that give you a vanilla extract taste, but without the higher cost of pure vanilla extract. 

My only main note is that I strongly do not recommend using imitation vanilla extract. 

Craving More Cupcakes?

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