Brown Butter Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

The most fall-y fall cookies you will ever bake. These brown butter pumpkin snickerdoodles embody everything good about fall. Nutty brown butter, sweet pumpkin, and warming spices meld together in an irresistibly soft snickerdoodle cookie. 

So to make these brown butter pumpkin snickerdoodles, I took my favorite brown butter snickerdoodle cookie and replaced most of the egg with pumpkin puree. For most of my pumpkin cookies, I tend to replace all of the egg with the pumpkin puree, but I found the dough for these cookies to be a bit too dry so I kept an egg yolk to help bring everything together.

It depends on how moist your pumpkin puree is. Homemade puree tends to have a higher moisture content, and you will not require the egg yolk. Certain brands of store-bought pumpkin puree contain less liquid than others so use your best judgment on this!

And as I’ve mentioned in the past, you really can’t skip the cream of tartar in these brown butter pumpkin snickerdoodles. It gives the cookies their signature tang and without it, they aren’t really snickerdoodles. Just as delicious, but not a snickerdoodle.

Luckily, you can use the cream of tartar to make my regular brown butter snickerdoodles and my snickerdoodle cookie butter. And I will be sure to post more of my favorite snickerdoodle recipes here for you soon!

While we wait, let’s bake up a batch of these amazing brown butter pumpkin snickerdoodles.

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