Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Super fun and adorable ice cream cone cupcakes the kids (and adults) will have so much fun eating! 

How to make

It is so easy to make your own ice cream cone cupcakes. They’re perfect for baking with children, if you are looking for a baking project together.

  1. Preheat your oven, and prepare your pan by tightly covering it with aluminum foil.
  2. Make your cupcake batter.
  3. Fill your ice cream cones – make sure the batter reaches all the way down the cone!
  4. Bake, cool, and frost!

I provide you with my favorite vanilla cupcake and frosting to make from scratch, but you can also use boxed cake mix and canned frosting to make your cupcakes.


This is your chance to get as creative as you want! Here are a few suggestions that I think you may enjoy!

  • Neapolitan – Use vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry cake mix and layer them to make a delicious Neapolitan ice cream cone cupcake – Please note this is great if you want to make a lot of cupcakes!
  • Red velvet cake – This is especially good when topped with cream cheese icing!
  • Double Chocolate – A moist chocolate cake with a deeply chocolaty chocolate frosting, maybe with a surprise edible brownie batter filling.
  • Strawberry – Use a delicious fresh strawberry cupcake and top it with strawberry frosting or vanilla buttercream.
  • Cookies and Cream – Oreo-stuffed cupcakes topped with cookies and cream frosting would be incredible.
  • Lemon – A bright lemon cupcake, topped with either vanilla or cream cheese frosting.
  • Snickers – These snickers cupcakes would be amazing in an ice cream cone!

The options you have are really all up to you. I don’t think there is a cupcake that would not be amazing in a cone!


You can decorate your ice cream cone cupcake in any number of ways.

Even when frosting your cupcake you can pipe them the way I have, or you can use a plain piping tip to resemble soft serve ice cream. Or you can even use an ice cream scoop to make your frosting look like a freshly scooped ice cream cone.

Sprinkles are always, always a great addition. If you really want to play up the ice cream look, sauces like chocolate or peanut butter hot fudge sauce would be incredible. Top with a cherry for the perfect scoop of ice cream cone cupcake!

Storage tips

Ice cream cone cupcakes are tough to store because of their size. I like to keep them in a tall plastic container and topped with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

I do not recommend freezing these cupcakes. The cone will get soggy when thawing.

How to transport

I recommend transporting the cupcakes much like how I recommend storing them. To ensure they are secure, I would also add something to the bottom of the container such as bunched paper towels, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil.


How do you keep ice cream cone cupcakes from getting soggy?

This is an easy fix. When the cupcakes are out the oven, give it some time for them to be cool enough to touch. Once cool, poke 3 – 4 small holes in the bottom of the cone.

How long do cupcake cones last?

The cupcake cones last a little less than regular cupcakes. They should be fresh for up to 2 days.

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