Peanut Butter and Jelly Rice Krispie Treats

Two childhood favorites meet to create the ultimate dessert with these peanut butter and jelly Rice Krispie treats. These will be you and your kids’ favorite dessert! 

Hey there!

Today I am going to share with you you one of my faaaaaavorite treats in the whole wide world. I am talking go-30-minutes-out-of-my-way and buy-15-of-these-in-bulk like of love here. It is…. The Crispycake from The Crispery. These are Rice Krispy Treats on marshmallow steroids filled with incredible fillings. Oh my gosh, these Crispycakes rule my life! I first discovered them in my October Popsugar Must Have box and had the pleasure of getting them again in my November Orange Glad box. Since then, I’ve been hooked. I would buy them in bulk on their website so I would have a steady supply. When I found out the candy store at the nearby mall had them, I Freaked. Out. I buy one of every flavor and devoured them. You can see from the pictures these are huge treats and it’s all “Would you like some rice cereal with that marshmallow?” “No thanks, that would just ruin my perfect gooey marshmallowyness.” And yes, marshmallowyness is totally a word.

I decided I needed to make my own. Well, I say I decided, but really, it was my wallet that decided cause these Crispycakes kinda cost a pretty penny. And while it is totally worth it, it’s about time I just made my own. These peanut butter and jelly Rice Krispie treats do not disappoint. They are totally marshmallowy and follow in the Crispycake way by stuffing the treats with some delicious gooey filling. The only difference is that we make them the good old fashioned way instead of making the marshmallow base from scratch. Maybe next time?

Why put your peanut butter and jelly in silly old bread when you can stuff it inside a Rice Krispy treat. I mean, come on! It’s two of my childhood favorites rolled into one. To make this recipe a little more adult-like and not just me living out my marshmallow and peanut butter and jelly dreams, I made my own peanut butter and jam. You can use store-bought, but I felt this gave it a more flavorful twist.

As you can probably tell, I am in a much better mood after my grey hair incident I mentioned in my Upside Down Lemon Meringue post. So far there hasn’t been any other greys and also if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that my tomatoes are finally turning! Huzzah! Also, this Saturday is an apple cider donut eating contest at our local farm we like to go to for fruit picking. You know I’m going to have to enter… and that I will kick everyone’s butts! Happy dances all around. Anyway, I don’t want to bore you any longer, so here’s the recipe for the peanut butter and jelly Rice Krispie treats!!

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