Raw Banana Brownie Bars

I’ve been going nuts in my kitchen making different types of snack bars and energy bites. Ever since spending time in the hospital, they’ve become my go-to meal. I haven’t had much of an appetite for anything since then and so I’ll have maybe one or two of these bars and I’ll be set for hours. It’s a really strange feeling because I am usually always wanting to eat something. But, I mean, these raw banana brownie bars are out of this world wonderful. It’s a banana and chocolate lover’s dream bar.

The secret is in the chocolate extract. I only recently discovered it and now I need to add it to every chocolate thing I touch.

You see, during the chocolate-making process, a lot of the top note flavors of the cocoa bean are lost. Chocolate extract helps bring that back and gives you a full chocolate experience. It basically makes chocolate flavored products taste even more like chocolate. And that is always a good thing. Now, it won’t make non-chocolate foods start tasting like chocolate (boo!), but it will give it a slight hint of chocolate. (P.S. I’m not just some chocolate extract whiz, I learn all my stuff from Lebovitz)

For a really strong banana flavor, I recommend dehydrated banana which you can find in many grocery stores. You can also get it online. Just don’t use banana chips. They are harder and won’t blend in as well, plus it doesn’t have as strong of a banana flavor. I am not 100% sure if you can use fresh bananas, but I imagine you could as long as you store the bars in the refrigerator.

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